Robert Golob, Ph.D. receives award in recognition of outstanding economic and entrepreneurial achievements

At this year’s 50th anniversary event, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia recognized Robert Golob, Ph.D., President of the GEN-I Group’s Management Board, for his outstanding economic and entrepreneurial achievements.

The awards presented by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia are the oldest such recognition for outstanding achievements of sustainable importance in the field of corporate governance. This year, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia presented the award for the 50th time. The underlying theme of this year’s presentation was the passion that turns dreams into success.

“In business, the passion to shift the boundaries of the possible is what keeps you one step ahead of the competition at all times,” said Mr. Golob during his acceptance speech.

Based on proposed candidates and 69 measurable criteria in three categories (general and development results, business-financial criteria, i.e. operating results, and market results), the selection committee chose nine recipients this year. In its explanation of the award for outstanding economic and entrepreneurial achievements, the committee wrote the following about Mr. Golob:

In its 10 years of operations, Mr. Golob has guided the GEN-Group from a local company to a global electricity trader, with annual revenues rising in that period from EUR 100 million to an astounding EUR 1.6 billion. The Group entered the Slovenian market as the first independent supplier of electricity and natural gas, and today enjoys a 40.9% share of the household customer market. At the end of 2016, GEN-I was the first energy supplier in the region to enter the self-sufficient energy supply market, and now facilitates the construction of “turnkey” home solar power plants that ensure the energy efficiency and independence of Slovenian customers.

When asked how he transforms his business ideas into success, Mr. Golob responded, “The guiding principle to success is definitely teamwork because an individual cannot achieve much alone. When an individual finds themselves on the right team and in the right position, and shares the same values with fellow team members, the sky is the limit”.