Partner Oriented

Our top qualified key account managers will give you the best in class advise in selecting the most appropriate electricity and/or natural gas product  and services. 

With individual approach and in-depth analysis of your needs we will create customized products for your specific energy needs. In addition, on the basis of close monitoring of trends on a number of energy markets, complex market analysis and price forecasts we will help you to take knowledgeable decisions on energy procurement. With the right combination of products and services, you will get the best value for your money when purchasing energy.  

Analytical Support

Lower the costs of energy by choosing the right moment to purchase.

To achieve the most favourable prices for electricity and natural gas, it is crucial to choose the right moment to purchase energy. The prices of energy are shaped in a number of European energy exchanges and they change at any point of the day.

Our experienced team of analysts is constantly monitoring the European markets development, analysing local markets changes, and applying the most advanced forecasting algorithms. Based on a cutting-edge analytical support, we offer reliable advice to make optimal decisions to buy when prices  fall sharply, which enables substantial savings (sometimes even more percentages).  With our experience and expertise we help you to get the most favourable prices. Thus, despite the volatile markets, we enable you control energy expenditures and ensure more stable operations of your business.

We help our business partners with the following:

  • individual advice by our market analysts on the most appropriate moment to purchase energy,
  • regular energy exchange reports on market developments,
  • annual meetings with price and trend forecasts.

Portfolio Overview

We offer our partners customized and comprehensive overview of all information related to the energy supply. Individual monthly reports enable an accurate insight into the energy consumption for the preferred key indicators. In this way, you can control your costs and are able to make better decisions on potential measures to optimize consumption, and to streamline and make more accurate forecasts of energy costs.

Easy Switching

In all European countries with fully open electricity and natural gas market , all companies are free to choose their energy supplier. 

With GEN-I the process of switching electricity or natural gas supplier is simple, smooth and hassle free; we take care of it completely. No interventions in the energy infrastructure are needed. Furthermore, the quality and reliability of the energy supplied is exactly the same after the switching, except that the costs of energy can be lower.