Purchase of RES and HCP

Leading buyer of renewable energy sources

Special attention is paid to green electricity producers from whom we purchase the energy produced in solar power stations, hydro-power plants and high-efficiency co-generation plants (HCP). 

In recent years, we have significantly strengthened our position as the leading buyer of renewable energy sources – in Slovenia we have more than a 40 percent market share, with the number of producers with purchase contracts exceeding 1,300 power plants. 

Purchase of RES and HCP

Complete Service

We offer renewable energy producers the best purchase prices and various contract conditions. Providing information on market prices, advice on the most appropriate moment for sale, help in controlling costs due to weather volatility and payments for energy supplied within the agreed period has given us the reputation of a reliable partner. 

The purchase contract procedure for electricity is simple both for power plants that are already connected and operating as well as for power plants that are planning to get connected. We take care of all the procedures on behalf of our partners. 

Complete Service

A reliable partner

Through our services and offering we help the producers optimize their energy purchase process and by taking risk within our portfolio we enable safe and stable operation of power plants.

We provide our partners with:

  • Annual or multi-annual contracts with fixed prices, where we assume all risks associated with price volatility on the electricity market that would otherwise have to be taken on by producers.
  • The most favourable electricity purchase prices and regular updates on the best moment to purchase, i.e. when prices on the stock exchanges are the highest.
  • Timely payment for the purchased energy at contractually agreed due dates and strict adherence to all contractual commitments.
  • Legislation monitoring and appropriate informing of producers on legislative and regulatory changes.
  • Free monthly invoicing on behalf of our partners, ensuring data accuracy verification and taking care of all the necessary administration on their behalf.

Solutions for co-generation

GEN-I offers comprehensive solutions for high-efficiency co-generation plants (HCP). We guarantee producers the supply of natural gas, which enables the operation of a HCP using natural gas; on the other hand, we buy electricity produced and delivered to the grid by the plant.

We try to determine the best time for our partners to purchase or sell energy, i.e. when prices on the natural gas stock exchange are the lowest or when the purchase prices on the electricity stock exchange are the highest.